How to Buy a Boat

Buying a Yacht: New or Second-Hand Paperback – 1 May 2012

by Barry Pickthall (Author)   

Buying a boat can be a minefield, but a handbook like this will make it a lot easier for would-be boat owners to make sensible, informed choices. Whether buying a new or second-hand boat, would-be owners will gain expert advice on topics including:
– the type of boat best suited to their needs
– where to find it (brokers, etc)
– what to look out for
– how to assess it (especially important for secondhand boats)
– questions to ask
– setting a realistic budget
– finding a mooring
– insurance
– documentation required

Lively, modern and attractive, and illustrated with colour photographs throughout, this guide is packed with checklists and insights from real owners who share their experiences. Armed with this book, would-be boat owners are far more likely to end up with the right boat for them!